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RAM Yleistietoa ja videoita


RAM Balls are injection molded onto a marine grade aluminum post. The materials used to make the balls and/or posts may be varied to provide characteristics required for most applications.

Ball specifications showing 5 different sizes


The RAM range has custom formed cradles and holders suitable for many electronic, PDA and GPS devices as will become apparent as you tour around our web site. Where applicable, we shall show the cradle with a selection of standard mounts to ease the selection process and choice. However, for the more adventurous user wishing to build a customized mount system, then by selecting mating parts, you can achieve your own solution.


Arm specifications showing 3 different lengths

When ordering a RAM mount system or additional components, it's important that you understand the part number system. To help you understand the part number format used, we are providing the following example. It is four different sizes of a basic RAM mounting system including the corresponding arm, round base with ball. 

Note: The C size 1 .5" ball does not have a letter C following the RAM- prefix code, while all other sizes do require a letter. Important: Be careful to make sure you have the letter in the proper location of the part number so you order the correct size system or component. If in any doubt, please contact us.


B size 1" ball mount for units up to .91kg weight (approx 2 lbs)
C size 1.5" ball mount for units up to 1.81kg weight (approx 4 lbs)
D size 2.25" ball mount for units up to 2.72kg weight (approx 6 lbs)
E size 3.38" ball mount for units up to 6.8kg weight (approx 15 lbs)